A Vampire's Memoirs

Greetings and welcome. My name is William Isaac Desha and I am a vampire. Surprised? Good. This is my own page and it covers a topic that has always been the center of my thoughts and conversations, Me. When I first opened this sight I was foolishly seeking others of my kind. That is no longer the situation nor the purpose of this site.

I no longer want to know what fascinates mortals about my kind nor do I seek lessons in how to live as a vampire from those who claim to be so much wiser and nobler than myself. All I want is to tell my tales and hope someone out there enjoys hearing them as much as I enjoy spinning a good yarn.

Of course comments are always welcomeand I would be honored to have everyone sign my guestboook. Oh and by the way i do not recommend this site to any young mortals. I am not a moral creature and I write what i please as well as act as I please. Some would no doubt view my past behavior as very offensive. So stay innocent a while yet and don't let the depraved writings of a depraved, vulgar monster as myself rob you of something that can never be returned.